We are so sorry to tell you that Seaquin the Harbor Seal is no longer with us.

In the words of the Jenkinson's Aquarium staff, "Goodbye Sweet Girl."

I am choked up just reading those words.

Seaquin, Jenk's Aquarium Pacific Harbor Seal, lost her battle with cancer today, Jan. 11th.

Seaquin was born in March of 1991 at Marine World in California, and came to Jenk's Aquarium when she was just 11 months old in Feb. of 1992 to keep LuSeal company.

Seaquin was an amazing, charismatic animal who was always eager to please and charmed visitors with her ring tossing, window kissing, and that incredibly LOUD 'bark' that we got to witness up close and personal when Lou and I got to feed her one day.

Seaquin was more than just beautiful. She was an educational ambassador for her wild cousins and helped the Aquarium educate thousands of visitors each year about plastic pollution, marine debris, climate change, and sustainable seafood.

Seaquin liked to keep her trainers on their toes and wasn't afraid to put them in an occasional 'time out!' She will always be remembered for her outgoing personality, big brown eyes and slobbery kisses.

Seaquin was 25 years old and had been diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Her father died of the same thing.

I am crying right along with all of the incredible people who work at the Aquarium and have just suffered the loss of this family member. May she never be forgotten.

Sending Jenkinson's Aquarium lots of love and hugs today.

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