Hazlet Police say a possible threat to students at Raritan High School reported to the school district administrator by two parents was found not to be credible.

Police say they received the call early this morning about the possible threat that originated from the children of the two concerned parents who reported it.

Officers immediately investigated and visited the home of the student who was being accused of making the threat.

Police then visited both parents who reported the possible threat and spoke to them and their children who told them about it.

The threat could not be confirmed and police said it appeared that this was something they heard through rumors.

At the conclusion of their investigation police found that there was no credible threat made and it appears related to the threat that was investigated earlier in this week which was found not to be credible as well.

After the all clear was given Hazlet Police put together a message they want to relay to parents and students in the district.

"This is a time consuming process to determine whether or not our students are in danger. Please have a conversation with your children today about how making these threats and spreading false information about threats, creates unnecessary concern/panic and could take resources away from someone who needs them. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t report something they hear. That was done in this instance and the process worked! Again, our children’s safety is everyone’s number one priority. Don’t hesitate to call us!"

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