Did you watch Roseanne last night?  I'm not talking reruns.  I'm talking the reboot which brought together the original cast playing the Conner family.

They're still working class America.  They still love each other.  And they still bicker.  But it's 20 years later and Donald Trump is president...something that causes a rift between Roseanne and her sister Jackie, played by Laurie Metcalf.  One sister voted for Trump.  The other did not.

One of the things that made the series so popular the first time was how relatable the characters were.  They had a lived-in living room.  Their furniture was worn.  They struggled to pay the bills.  It was refreshing to see people that looked like everyday people handling everyday situations.  Not everything was perfect on that show, and that was a big part of its appeal.

I've heard "The Middle" is a good show that gives a pretty realistic look at family life.  Maybe you relate better to "Gilmore Girls" or "The Brady Bunch."  What other shows do you like because you can relate to the characters?  Is there any TV family or TV episode that resembles your own life in Ocean County?


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