Love it or hate it, Facebook is great for helping people connect.  This week, I'm loving the social networking site.  Because of Facebook, I've had two memorable reunions recently.

I spent last night with my best friend from grade school.  She and I had not seen each other since about 1982.  Not knowing her married name, my initial efforts to find her were unsuccessful.  But years later, we finally were able to connect and catch up online.  The in-person laughs we shared last night were priceless!  I was lucky to have such a good friend back then, and am looking forward to sharing more time together in the future.

Over the weekend, I met with more people from my childhood: my aunt and two cousins.  It had been a few decades since seeing them as well!  But thanks to Facebook, we cousins started chatting and they brought their Mom, now 85, to Manhattan to meet with my sister and me.  We caught up on what all the kids and grandkids were up to.  I shared some funny recollections like how they were the first people I knew to have a microwave.  I remember being awestruck as I watched it work in their house.  I also remember them as being the cool family who had a pinball machine.  Many happy times were spent in that basement.

I know it can be a little awkward to reach out to folks you haven't seen in a long time.  But, from these two recent experiences, I'm recommending you try it.  The warmth of reconnecting and the laughs of reminiscing make it worth the risk, in my opinion.

Have you ever reached out to someone after a long time apart?

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