Elderly Woman Typing Something

Within the past month I've met 3 people who are writing books.  None has ever published before but they've always dreamed of doing so.  And now's the time!  I'm happy for them.

It’s been interesting to hear about their stories and learn about the process.  Deadlines, Drafts, Editors, Proofing…it could take a while before the books are available.  They all seem prepared for what lies ahead.  And they know the reality is they might not get rich off their books.  But they each feel they have something to say and they don’t want to regret NOT trying.

Personally, I’ve never had the dream of publishing “The Great American Novel” or anything for that matter.  But I love that since the beginning of time people have been writing down their thoughts and ideas. There’s always something new in bookstores, the online ones and the brick and mortar kind.

My new friends tell me that self-publishing is pretty easy to do these days so that’s a good option if you don’t land a book deal with a big publisher. HAVE YOU ever published a book?  Please use the Comments section to let us know about it.  And if you have any suggestions for Ocean County’s aspiring authors, please share.

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