After I wrote yesterday's blog about the workplace trend of eating in, I wondered if it sounded like I was "anti-restaurant."  So today I want to go on record and say I LOVE going out to eat!  And I probably do it more than I should.  (It helps to have the excuse that I'm not a very good cook!)

So on this Wednesday morning, here are some random reasons why it's good order off a menu:

Change of Scenery:  Offices can feel confining.  Since yours may be where there's a lot of stress and deadlines, getting away from those four walls can be good for you.

Clear Your Head: The time it takes you to drive to the restaurant could let you clear your head.  I do some of my best thinking in the car!

Catch Up With Friends: Going to a cafe for lunch or dinner is one of my favorite ways to catch up with friends.  I'd rather converse face to face than over e-mail or on the phone.

Eat Good Food:  As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a great cook so almost every meal that a server brings me is better than what I would have made at home.

Support Local Businesses: Ocean County has some excellent cafes, diners, and more upscale options.  Eating at one of them helps support the local workforce and puts money into our local economy.

You Don't Have To Wash Dishes:  This may be my favorite reason!

What are some reasons you like to go out to eat?



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