A couple of Christmas traditions will continue on your television this year.

Is it me, or even though you can watch these classic shows anytime you want on DVD or elsewhere, there is just something different and nostalgic about watching Rudolph and Frosty on live television? If you feel the same, get ready for a holiday tradition.

CBS 6 has announced when Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman will be airing this holiday season. An hour of Frosty will kick things off this Friday night with Frosty the Snowman airing at 8 followed by Frosty Returns at 8:30. Rudolph will then air Tuesday night December 1st at 8.


As a kid growing up, my family and I would make popcorn and always watch Rudolph together on live television every year. It was then that the holiday season felt like it had officially started. So, it is probably more about that shared experience for me than the actual show we watched. While I love Rudolph and still watch it every year with my kiddos, I loved sitting down with my Mom, Dad and brother as a family to kick-off the Christmas season. Those are the memories the live show brings back, and you just can't replicate that can't miss the moment feeling with a DVD or a streaming special. Now if I could only replicate turning the dial on that old RCA 19 inch television the experience would be complete. But still with today's big, flat-screen TV of course!

You can see the full CBS 6 holiday special schedule here. 

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