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So here is the deal, I am an admitted "pie picker" and if you allow me access to your pie, I just may pick it! So what is a "pie picker" ? Well a "pie picker" is someone, like me, who loves pie crust and will break off a piece of crust without taking an entire piece.....so basically picking at your pie.



So how did this "pie picking" begin? I think it's because I love dough, ya I love the taste of baking dough .... biscuits, pies, etc  I actually like to eat Pillsbury biscuits raw and of course baked as well. So I think this love of "dough" led to my "pie picking".

By the way are there others who love raw dough? this is the time to confess and of course I won't feel alone if there are others lol. I will say I am not a fan of cookie dough, just the basic "doughs" like biscuits, pie crust etc. cookie dough is too sweet and has a different texture. Every time I crack a Pillsbury tube at least one biscuit will not make it to the oven :).



So are YOU a "pie picker" ? Let's support each other as we head in Thanksgiving....a tough time for "pie pickers"

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