Let's be real, in today's pandemic world, dating is tough! It can be hard for relationships to find a groove during a unique time. Valentine's Day is around the corner and maybe some of you at the Jersey Shore need some closure from a recent breakup. Whether you were dating or just "hooking-up", you got to do what you got to do to get over him or her. That is why the San Antonio Zoo is offering the chance to get some revenge for Valentine's Day. It is their second annual "Cry Me A Cockroach!" fundraiser. You can name a cockroach or a frozen rat after your ex before it is fed to a larger animal. 

It might seem ridiculous but if this is what makes you feel better then I am all for it. Birds, reptiles, and mammals from the zoo will have a feeding frenzy! You can pay $5 to have a cockroach named after your ex and if you want to make a stronger statement you can pay $25 to name a pre-frozen rat after your former lover. New for 2021, you can also purchase a veggie option which will be fed to one of the zoo's mammals. Sooo you can spoil your ex's name after a cockroach, frozen-rat, or a...LEAF? LOL. What an interesting world we live in!

Everyone all over the country can join the fun. More details about the event and the link to name a cockroach after your ex can be SEEN HERE. They plan to live stream the feeding frenzy on Valentine's Day. You can also follow the zoo on Facebook. At the end of the day, if you are struggling with a past relationship, keep forging ahead. Good things happen to good people! - Jimmy G

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