On a throwback Thursday I start with two questions that really have no significance.

  1. Do you remember when Dunkin Donuts was a donut place that also sold coffee as opposed to what it is today…a coffee place that also sells donuts?
  2. Do you remember when 7-11’s around here basically had deli counters and made sandwiches much like Wawa or Quick Check?

I can’t explain why both just came to my mind but they did.  Anyway today I’m just filled with random thoughts that don’t mean all that much:

  • We all have traffic pet peeves and coming up with just one is nearly impossible but if I must then here it is. You are on Hooper Avenue in Toms River traveling north in the area of St. Joseph’s church.  The traffic is starting to back up in the right lane as you approach Route 37 which will happen at certain times of the day.

    The left lane is pretty much open because that’s really only for cars who when they get to 37 are going to turn left.  So here’s the pet peeve.  Vehicles use the left lane to bypass the traffic and then as they get close to the intersection cut lanes so they can proceed straight which is what they wanted to do all along.

    Part #2 of this pet peeve is those who left them get in front. By the way sometimes the left-lane cutters can’t get in front of someone in the other lane so they just cross Route 37 illegally.

Mets scoreboard on 9/11/19
Mets scoreboard on 9/11/19 (Kevin Williams)
  • Every time I want to close the door on the Mets season they open it just a crack. Last night in a win over Arizona they finished with 9 runs and 11 hits on 9/11!  Wow! By the way Todd Frazier is on one of his hot streaks and I sure hope it will last for the next 17 games.  And while on the subject of the Mets you can write this down: Pete Alonso will be their next team captain.
  • For years I would see people post endless pictures of their grandchildren on Facebook or Instagram and I would say to myself…enough with the pictures and vow that when and if I became a grandfather I would never be like that.I’d like to retract that statement or at least apologize in advance for all the photos I have posted and will continue to post.  I can’t help it!
  • First-year Point Pleasant Beach football coach Joe Zaccone is so upbeat that I would like to bottle and sell his DNA.


Grandson Carter at 3 months
Grandson Carter at 3 months (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

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