So after a three-day weekend I have some thoughts to share:

  • This Easter sure felt a lot different than a year ago as many were about to spend the day with family members they had not been with in more than a year. The question now is will all those get-togethers lead to another spike in positive COVID cases.
  • I did want to see Gonzaga win the National Championship and become the first college basketball team since Indiana in 1976 to do so while going unbeaten. However Baylor had other things in mind and you have to be in awe of how they totally dominated the Zags last night after doing the same to Houston on Saturday.  The Bears are deserving champions.
  • If you believe where there is smoke there is fire than something is smoldering surrounding Hunter Biden.
  • Speaking of fire. In baseball they sometimes refer to relief pitchers as “firemen” because of their ability to get out of trouble when brought into a game during a difficult situation.  For several years the NY Mets had had problems when it comes to relief pitchers and the hope was a revamped bullpen this year would be much improved.  It only took one game for fans to say “not again” as in their opener Monday in Philadelphia they blew a 2-0 lead after ace Jacob deGrom threw six scoreless innings. And yes Phillies fans…I know you are 4-0.
  • Did anyone see Aaron Rodgers debut as a guest host on “Jeopardy?” I thought the Packers quarterback was smooth and comfortable in the first of 10 episodes he will host over the next two weeks.  There was a funny moment during the “Final Jeopardy” segment when one of the players with no idea of the correct question wrote down “Who wanted to kick that field goal?” which was in reference to the Packers controversial decision to kick a field goal late in the NFC Championship game against Tampa Bay in January.  When reading the question Rodgers replied “that is a great question, should be correct, but unfortunately for the game today, it’s incorrect.”[KEEP SCROLLING TO WATCH THE FINAL JEOPARDY ANSWER]
  • So Sunday night I’m watching TV by myself and see that “Field of Dreams” is on and decide to watch the last hour or so. I’ve seen the Kevin Costner baseball movie at least 50 times and despite that at the end there I am on the couch in tears as he plays catch with his father.  I shared that on Twitter and felt better when many agreed that scene gets to them…every time.

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