A raccoon that was tested after what is believed to have been a skirmish with a dog in Middletown has tested positive for rabies.


No date was given for the incident, but it took place in the New Monmouth section on Millbrook Road, according to township Health Department Director Rich DBenedetto. The dog was found to have no wounds.

Health officials are reinforcing the warning that feral wildlife carry the risk of the potentially-fatal disease. They urge pet owners to ensure that vaccinations are current.

Domesticated animals without inoculations that come into contact with rabid ones must be confined for six months in a pen or enclosure that meets health guidelines, or euthanized.

Rabid animals routinely demonstrate irrational behavior such as aggression. Nocturnal animals infected with rabies can be found wandering in daylight. In addition to telltale foam around the mouth, they might walk unsteadily.

Avoid contact with injured or infected animals. Middletown Animal Control can be reached at 732-615-2097. Evenings and weekends, township police take the calls.

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