One of the things I look forward to each summer is going to Winward Beach in Brick Township for the annual Summerfest in Brick. Mayor Ducey and his Staff do a fantastic job and thousands come out each summer for great music, food and fireworks in Brick Township.

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There has been a lot going on in Brick Township. We are waiting for the new Royal Farms to open and see how that chicken is! We have had two Super Wawa's open as well and there is a big project to bring recreation and sports to Brick coming down the road. So what's next?

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We want to see what YOU think? what do we really need in Brick Township? Just an open conversation that might help Brick Township continue to be a fantastic town. So we did just that...I asked YOU what do we need and here are some of the responses...

Liz: Sidewalks

Meg: Hobby Lobby

Michelle: Brick seems to have everything. Bring some to Bayville

Jennifer: Stricter drug possession/distribution consequences. No more commercial construction. And a decent Greek Restaurant.

Brian: Founding Farmers. Yum!

Miguel: Building and residential restrictions

Scott: More police patrol in local communities

Patricia: A bulldozer...... starting with the municipal building

Dawn: Nothing they got enough crap Going on over there. It’s very congested

Terry: Lol..No comment

So what do YOU think we need in Brick Township? Do you agree with some of the suggestions? do you think Brick has enough? Let us know and post your comments below :)


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