'Concerned Citizens in Action' is a grassroots group trying to get 38 states to sign-on and push for a Convention of States, but their current challenge is getting the Democratic State of New Jersey on board to join the other 34 states.

The group seeks to re-define Federal Government regulations to more effectively serve Americans through Article-Five of the U.S. Constitution.

A resolution calling for a Convention of States currently sits in both houses of the New Jersey Legislature waiting to see if they will join the other 34-states.

New Jersey Director for the Convention of States, Dan Gilligan, says although their movement runs parallel in comparison to President Donald Trump's plan to re-shape Washington, their goal remains the contrary.

"What we're talking about doing through a Convention of States is finding out ways for the states to get together and restrict federal spending, power and jurisdiction and a consideration of term limits," said Gilligan.

He believes their mission could eventually get the attention of the oval office.

Gilligan also acknowledges the challenge at bay by trying to convince a largely Democratic state to hop on board with this, but they're ready to tackle it.

"If we can go to a legislator and say 'we have a thousand of your constituents who really feel like our resolution deserves a hearing in committee and the legislature' that's something they're attentive too regardless of party affiliation," said Gilligan.

He adds the targeted audience to spread their message focuses primarily on democratic strongholds in New Jersey including Middlesex, Mercer, Essex, Atlantic and Salem Counties.

Gilligan explains that in order to affect change for the people, they need their support as well.

"What we're looking to do is engage a very powerful constituency in this country to affect change," said Gillligan. "One that doesn't realize how powerful it is, and that's the citizenry."

Shore Senator Bob Singer is one of the current sponsors of the resolution to add New Jersey among the list of states supporting a National Constitutional Convention of States.


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