This is not how we wanted to start local summer.

If you were hoping to take a walk on the beach in Point Pleasant today before the rain comes, you may have been met with an unpleasant surprise.

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Users in local Facebook groups were sharing that the gates to the beach were closed, completely blocking access to it.

"Have they forgotten about public beach access?" the concerned poster in Jersey Shore Lovers asked.  Many commenters agreed that they were saddened by the sudden blockage.

Before we get into the reason why Point Pleasant Beach is currently closed off, I decided to do some research on why and how the state could block access to its beaches.

Why would NJ block access to the beach?

New Jersey's beaches are public access, meaning by law, people can't be denied access to the beach.  (You can debate that beach badges prevent this, but I digress).

So why would New Jersey block access to its beaches if it's our right to enjoy them?  One reason that comes to mind is safety issues.

According to the NJDEP, beaches can be closed if the water quality is hazardous to our health.

Thankfully, today's closing in Point Pleasant wasn't due to water quality issues.  Another commenter in the Jersey Shore Lovers group shared a status from the Point Pleasant Beach Facebook page warning about coastal flooding:

This is probably the reason why access to the beach was blocked.  Another user shared that some Seaside Heights beaches are blocking access too, but no pictures or proof were shared.

Although it is a bummer to be unable to enjoy our beaches, I totally get the safety reasoning behind it.

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