When the community comes together to celebrate, there's nothing that shines brighter, except for their town's Christmas tree.

Many towns have a Christmas tree lighting to bring Christmas cheer to their community. I have this great list that the family can get together and go to several here in Ocean County and I know they're really good, I've been to most of these tree lightings.

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Most of these towns will have Santa, cookies, and other surprises as we get ready for Christmas in Ocean County. Some towns bring out their firetruck and Santa and celebrate our local heroes. Don't forget, pictures with Santa, that's always a huge hit for families.

anghi, Getty Images
anghi, Getty Images

One of the Christmas tree lightings will have horse and carriage rides, food trucks, and vendors. They make a huge event out of their Christmas tree lighting.

Get into the Christmas spirit with hot chocolate, most of these lightings will have hot chocolate or hot cocoa for the festivities.

Some of these events wrap around a winter village or some kind of bazaar happening the whole weekend. I didn't even mention the local school choirs that come out and participate and sing Christmas carols.

Along with the Christmas spirit with these Christmas trees lit and looking beautiful, a lot of towns have volunteering and helping out a local food bank or helping with their toy drive. When the community comes together, amazing things happen.

These fabulous Christmas tree lightings are perfect for the community to come together, sing carols, drink hot chocolate, and just have fun. And, remember they are free to attend. Thank you to patch.com,ptpleasantbeachchamber.com,  jerseyfamilyfun.com, downtowntomsriver.com for dates and times.

8 Fabulous Christmas Tree Lightings in Ocean County, NJ

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