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OCBS Resident Psychic Barbara Mackey joins Shawn & Sue on the final Friday of each Month …..Barbara is a sixth-generation Psychic/Medium of Hungarian and Scottish background who has had premonitions since the age of four. Her Hungarian grandmother, Lidia was a Dream Interpreter and a Psychic. Dr. Samuel Kennedy, her Scottish ancestor, was a dreamer of dreams and a seer of visions who had the "Scottish Sixth Sense." (See the Kennedy Chronicle for more information on the Scottish Kennedy family.) Through her many years as a Psychic, Barbara has been able to realize her dream of helping people by using her gift to read clients. Now numbering in the thousands, they report startling accuracy in her detailed readings. Barbara's work is holistic in nature, unlike other clairvoyants. She reads the whole person; encompassing body, mind and spirit.

Listen Friday Morning ( 11/22 ) between 8 - 9 am .....

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