Peaceful protesters stood outside the Oyster Creek Nuclear Facility today on the side of Route 9 with signs that read "NO NUKES, GO GREEN" and "NO FUKUSHIMA NJ."

They were out in full force until 1pm wearing signs and encouraging beeps from passing cars.

The protesters wanted to promote a healthy, clean environment, and show their distaste for the re-licensing of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Reactor.  One thing is for sure too, they aren't alone in the fight.

State Congressman Chris Smith showed his support by encouraging the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to change their plans for the March 28th open house in Manahawkin.

The NRC was planning to hold an open house to tell the public all about the Oyster Creek Generating Station's annual safety assessment.

In a written statement to Chairman Gregory Jaczko, Smith asked the NRC to include a public meeting in the day's schedule after the open house.

Smith is hoping to give the public a chance to express their concerns, not just get a lecture.

The NRC branch chief said he has no problems answering questions in an open forum, and has put Smith's request in to his supervisor.

For now, protesting peacefully with signs will do.