NEWARK — Police boarded a United flight upon its arrival from Chicago at Newark Liberty International Airport on Saturday night, though it's not clear why.

Port Authority spokesman Lenis Rodrigues told New Jersey 101.5 in an email said that United flight 2392 reported an "emergency" on board and landed safely around 9:40 p.m.

"United flight 2329 flying from Chicago to Newark landed safely and was met by law enforcement officials upon arrival due to a customer disturbance on board," according to a spokesperson for the airline Sunday.

No further details were released as to the nature of the disturbance.

Video posted to Twitter by New York Daily News sports reporter Stefan Bondy, who was a passenger on the flight showed Port Authority police walking down the aisle of the plane.

Bondy said via the same tweet that "two rows" of passengers were escorted off the plane, showing video of at least three men, a male child, and two females walking down the aisle with officers.

Bondy later tweeted that the situation had been a "bomb threat," without further explaining where the information was from.

United did not immediately respond to whether that could be confirmed, or give further details on how many passengers were involved in the "disturbance."

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