If you’re a parent or starting a family, one thing is for sure, picking a name can be the most difficult thing you do.  Well, the most difficult thing before the baby arrives.

Then after that, enjoy the long nights of feeding and not sleeping.  Oh, pro tip for a new parent, meaning this is your first child, when they sleep, you sleep.  I get it, you’re going to have everyone telling you how to raise your child.  That is the most important advice you’ll ever receive.  Trust me, we didn’t listen.  It was awful.

OK, back to the point at hand.  Picking your baby’s name.  Do you go with a popular star?  Not like, the one in the sky, no, like an actor or actress?

Do you select a family member’s name?

See, this isn’t as easy as it seems.

Our first daughter was kind of easy.  We had a list of top names and her name as at the top for

both of us.

My wife was one hundred percent responsible for our second daughter’s name.  I believe it was the name of a Bachelor contestant.  Yes, the tv show, ‘The Bachelor.’  Granted, it’s a unique name and not many women will have it but seriously, that happened.

Going through all of that, I hope you didn’t get a little nervous about choosing the right name.

Every year, the Social Security Administration releases the top baby names, and you can sort them by state.  So, I have the top baby names for boys and girls for New Jersey.

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