A new Monmouth University Poll finds New Jerseyans place a greater importance on the state's revolutionary war heritage now than in the past.

Director Patrick Murray of the Monmouth University Polling Institute says 8 in 10 residents see value in preserving the state's revolutionary war sites.

About 60% know of a site and about half said that they have visited a site in the past five years.

"What we found is 49% say it's very important to them that the state preserve this heritage and promote it. And that's up by seven points since the last time we asked this, which was 10 years ago," Murray said. 

When asked about New Jersey's importance in the revolution, most residents give their own state short shrift compared to Massachusetts, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

"As a state that is significant," Murray said. "Big things happened there. Many people don't realize just how many things happened in New Jersey."

Only 1 in 4 could name Trenton as the place that George Washington landed and fought when he crossed the Delaware.

"It was one of the things that turned the tide of the war. So New Jersey played a vital role," Murray said.

More information about the poll can be found at monmouth.edu/polling.

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