Last week I told you that police across New Jersey would be cracking down on distracted drivers with a targeted enforcement campaign throughout April.

Well, if you've spent any time traveling the roads in Ocean County this week, you've probably noticed that they're not messing around.

My daily commute to the WOBM offices here in Toms River takes me along the Garden State Parkway, and I've definitely noticed the increased police presence.

If, like me, you spend a lot of time on the Garden State Parkway, you probably know the usual places where State Troopers like to hang out to keep an eye on motorists.

This week, I've not only seen Troopers in those usual places on a more regular basis, but I've seen police cars, both marked and unmarked, in places that I've never seen them before.

I've also seen plenty of people pulled over in just the last few days.

And before anyone is tempted to comment that it's just another way for police departments to stuff their coffers, think about the fact that distracted driving is responsible for more than half of New Jersey's car crashes.

They're telling us that they're out there.

They're telling us that they're looking for distracted drivers.

We've seen that they're not kidding around about it.

Now, put the phones down.



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