Last year I wrote about the world famous love tradition that I'd spotted in Point Pleasant Beach - much like the iconic Pont des Artes bridge in Paris, lovers had been affixing padlocks to the fence at the Manasquan Inlet end of the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk.

Ironically, commenting on the locks sealing the affection of lovers for all time, I ended the original article by saying, "...or at least until someone comes around to cut the locks down, that is."

And, much like the legendary Paris bridge did a dozen years ago, the Point Pleasant Beach locks have been cut off and banned.

At least for now.

My colleague Matt Ryan on our sister station 94.3 The Point was the first to notice the lock block, posting a picture by a local photographer of the new sign that has taken up residence on the inlet fence since the New Year:

Last year, Point Beach officials ordered the locks removed and the fence replaced, but outcry from the community has caused local politicians to reconsider the ban and come up with a compromise.

According to Patch, Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kanitra said that following a Monday meeting of the borough's Arts Council, they are, "...continuing to try and identify a metal installation for the inlet parking lot that will allow for the locks to be placed there as an alternative."

We'll of course keep you updated as the story develops.


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