Show your love for your significant other, AND for the Garden State with these cute NJ themed Valentine's Day ideas.

1. Eat Some Heart-Shaped Pizza

Some restaurants are offering heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine's Day. What a cute and delicious way to say you care! If you can't find a restaurant to make you one, it would be a cute idea to try and make it together as a couple.

2. Make a New Jersey Themed Playlist

Make a playlist of lovesongs from New Jersey artists - Sinatra, Springsteen, The Four Seasons, Bon Jovi. There are so many great musicians from the Garden State, and making a playlist is a thoughtful, free, and easy gift!

3. Pour a Glass of Bon Jovi's Wine

Did you know Jon Bon Jovi has his own line of wines? It's called Hampton Water. Serving that at your romantic dinner tonight will be a nice little nod to New Jersey!

4. Watch Romantic Movies Set in New Jersey

If you're making tonight a movie night, pick a film that takes place in New Jersey. I forgot how many romantic movies there are that take place here: "Garden State," "Jersey Girl," "Just Friends," "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist," and more.

5. Serve Up Wawa Coffee With Dessert

When it's time to serve dessert, roast some Wawa coffee!


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