One of the most famous destinations for lovers is the Pont des Artes bridge in Paris.

Couples from around the world would come to the city of love to sign their names on padlocks and attach them to the bridge over the River Seine.

Le Pont Des Arts and The Love Padlocks in Paris
Getty Images

The tradition got so popular that the sheer weight of the thousands of padlocks caused the bridge fence to bow, and officials to put a stop to the practice a few years ago.

On a much smaller scale, though, the tradition seems to have come to Ocean County.

I took this photo on the Manasquan Inlet end of the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk not long ago:

Point Pleasant Beach love locks (Photo by Justin Louis)
Point Pleasant Beach love locks (Photo by Justin Louis)

While nowhere near the fence-bending mass of the more famous Paris bridge, I'm going to have to guess that the practice in Point Beach is very unofficial.

With Valentine's Day upon us, though, it's nice to think that one of our very own beaches is a destination where people want to seal their love for all time.

Or at least until someone comes around to cut the locks down, that is.


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