Shut Up and Eat! is an adorable, pajama wearing - quirkiest restaurant I've ever been to and it's right in Toms River.

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Every time I've been there I see smiles on the staff and their food is delicious. Their pancakes, sandwiches, and atmosphere is an amazing experience. They've been having some difficult times like many restaurants, small businesses, gyms, etc. because of the coronavirus pandemic. But, not just because of the pandemic. Remember all of that construction for years in Toms River by Rt. 37, basically right in front of Shut Up and Eat!, it really was a truly tough time for them and their business back then. It's been a tough couple of years for Shut Up and Eat!

A friend of the restaurant started a gofundme page for Shut Up and Eat! and here's what she wrote on the page:

How do you help someone who helps everyone?

Have you met my friend Ann Gauthier?  She owns Shut Up and Eat Restaurant.

She built this fantastic brand of great food, great service, and generosity that makes everyone feel like family. If you are collecting for a charity, she is one of the most generous businesses in Toms River to donate to your cause.  She has implanted her roots in this community deeply. She supports her son and his partners as they built a 501c3 charity of giving that supports many in need in Toms River to be run out of her establishment.

Ann is the type of woman who gives to others daily, leaving behind  $5 dollars for the next person in a store, buying a different old man dinner in restaurant we frequent, paying for the person behind her in line at the drive thru. That’s who she is. She has built a life of giving.

Now one of the giver’s needs our help. We are entering the 6th month of this pandemic. Shut Up and Eat has extremely limited outdoor dining.  They have changed with the times, offering outdoor picnicking, full residential delivery and have begun a dinner service. But She is really struggling to keep the doors open.  I am attempting to raise $20,000.  100% of which will be going to keep this iconic restaurant alive and in its current location.

If you can help, by donating a few bucks, know that it will be helpful and fully appreciated to keep Shut Up and Eat afloat. If you cannot help but are able to just hit the share button and tag some friends, that would be appreciated as well.

Hopefully soon we will all be waiting in line to sit down and eat together,

I miss walking in  and seeing all your smiling faces and having everyone scream Bye! as I leave, its been such a special place.

I’d hate to see us loose this iconic restaurant.

CLICK HERE for the gofundme page.

It truly is a great place, great food, and great people. If you've never been there, please at least order food and pick-up for take-out and help out one of our own right here in Toms River.

Shut Up and Eat!

804 Main Street

Toms River, NJ

(732) 349-4544

OPEN - 6:30 am - 3:30 pm

Sue Moll
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