We are getting to what is often a very bittersweet time for many seniors as their high school athletic careers come to an end and for many it will also mark the end of their playing days representing a team or school.  Take for example a baseball player who started in Little League at the age of 5 in the tee ball division.  He worked their way up to the minors and then majors and was good enough to play on a travel team which kept him (and his parents) busy on a year-long basis.  Eventually it was on to middle school and then high school where each spring he would put on that uniform with the name of his school splashed across the chest.

Not only did he play 25 games or so with his school team but there was summer and fall leagues, indoor practices, weekend tournaments and more.  Then all of a sudden it’s May of your senior year and you’re getting ready for college at which point baseball will no longer be a part of your life. As we get ready for the various end-of-season tournaments you start to realize that each practice and game could be you last and the finality of it all is sometimes too much to accept as all of a sudden there is no next practice or next game…all you have left is a day to turn in your uniform.

Of course this does not just apply to baseball but softball, lacrosse…every sport.  It always hits me this time of year because there is no other season.  If they are not playing sports in college then it truly is the end of what was a big part of their lives for years.

Times clearly have changed from my high school days but what has not is the memories you make and take from team sports.  You seniors don’t quite understand that yet and it will take time for you to fully how special the moments you shared with teammates and coaches really was…it will remain with you for life.  Many years from now at reunions or get togethers you will be able to recount details of your high school days to a tee even if you can’t remember where you left your car keys minutes earlier.

Words of advice.  Treasure what’s left!

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