Could Poncho be your best friend, he's available for adoption at the Popcorn Park Zoo with our Pet of the Week?

Popcorn Park Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo


Poncho is a big, lovable boy of about 2 years old that is eager to meet you and show you what a sweetheart he is! He was turned in by his family who was not allowed to keep him any longer when the landlord discovered that Poncho was more pit bull than beagle. Whatever he is, we love him just the same. He's a giant mush that strolls up to greet you and immediately tries to get up on your lap to give you a big smooch! No easy task for an 85 lb. dog, but he tries all the same. Poncho is a very well-socialized, well-behaved boy that has excellent manners, is gentle, and walks well on a leash. He gets along fine with other dogs and cats too, and he loves people of all ages. Really, could you ask for a more perfect dog?

Check out Poncho's video with peanut butter:

Popcorn Park Zoo

1 Humane Way

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