"Are We There Yet??"  Haven't we all heard that refrain from the back seat of our cars?  As it's prime road-trip season, I thought it might be helpful to talk about ways to pass the time when on a long car ride this summer.

It's amazing how some fun games like "Eye Spy" can get everyone off their devices and enjoying time with everyone else in the car.  My sister started playing the License Plate Game with her family when the kids were in grade school.  They finally spotted the last of the plates they were looking for about 5 years later!  (South Dakota was the holdout, if you're wondering.)  If you haven't played any car games in a while, check out the ideas here.

What travel games did you used to enjoy playing?  Do you have a current favorite?

I realize some of you may like that your kids have their devices on so they can keep themselves entertained and therefore quiet.  What do you do with that time when everyone's tuned into their own thing.  Do you put what YOU want on the stereo?  Or do you just enjoy the tranquility?



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