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Passing The Time On Long Parkway and Turnpike Drives
"Are We There Yet??"  Haven't we all heard that refrain from the back seat of our cars?  As it's prime road-trip season, I thought it might be helpful to talk about ways to pass the time when on a long car ride this summer.
It's amazing how some fun games li…
Weekend Road Trip Saved By A Map
Being “old school” really saved me last weekend.  Setting out on that weekend road trip to Annapolis, I had just loaded my suitcase in my sister’s car and was ready to get behind the wheel when I asked her, “Do you have a road map...
Jersey Shore Do You Fly or Drive
Recently we booked a quick little adventure to Florida.  Usually we love to drive!  I love driving down 95 and knowing I'm heading to warmth.  But, flying is quicker and faster!  They both work for me.
Road Trips To And From The Jersey Shore
If your Labor Day weekend involved a long road trip, I’m curious about a couple of things:  1) Do you make frequent stops along the way?  And 2) How do you pass the time?
Up until recently I thought that my way was everybody’s way...
My Wilderness Vacation
So what did I do during my week in the middle of the woods in the Poconos? I hiked, I fished, I sat by the campfire. And I pretty much just relaxed. But I also took a lot of pictures. Have a look:

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