Having a teenager, I truly hate these challenges, unless they're for a good cause. This one is not. I just saw this the other day, I couldn't believe it.

It's called the milk crate challenge or just the "crate" challenge. This one is crazy and has me thinking, "WHY"? Why would someone do this just to get injured?

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The milk crate challenge, also known as the crate challenge, is a video challenge that became viral on Tik Tok at the end of August. The square milk crates get stacked into a structure that resembles a podium, really high, with both sides of the structure forming stairs. The person doing this is expected to climb to the top and then climb back down without destroying the structure or doing it without falling.

It's so ridiculous how someone would think this is cool. There have been doctors speaking about this and for parents to please make sure they tell their kids, they can really get hurt. Doctors and Orthopedic doctors do not want kids doing this. They could get seriously hurt from legs, arms, and even breaking their necks or backs.

TikTok has said that they will remove the videos, according to wikipedia and other news outlets. The milk crate challenge has also led to concerns of theft with the dairy industry.

It is so odd why people would try this. As you can see in the video, you stack milk crates and walk up one side and down the other without falling, it's crazy. It's just not sturdy.

Here is a video of the milk crate challenge:

Please be safe, and please tell your kids not to try it or do it.

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