If you're looking to take a spooktacular tour through the southern half of New Jersey, there are a number of shoreline haunts that are right around the corner from Ocean County.

NJ.com compiled a list of the half dozen scariest spots between Asbury Park and Cape May.

Included on the list are two places that I know well from my time with my Ocean County Paranormal crew.

Absecon Lighthouse
NJ.com singles out the light house at the northern tip of Atlantic City for its history of standing watch over numerous shipwrecks, and tall tales from some of the lighthouse keepers.

I can tell you from personal experience that Absecon Lighthouse definitely has a spooky vibe to it.

Despite standing watch over the loud bustle of the casinos (at least those that are left), the lighthouse itself has a very still feeling to it.

It can be difficult to investigate because the hollow lighthouse basically acts as a 171 foot tall amplifier, with the sounds of traffic and people from below being funneled up and directly into any recording equipment that ghost hunters brave the 228 steps to place at the top of the light.

The Paramount Theater
Oh, the Paramount. One of my favorite places to investigate. NJ.com brought in Ocean County Paranormal's very own Boni Bates from the Garden State Ghost Hunters as an expert to discuss the historic theater's resident spirits.

The Paramount is one of those places that keeps me wondering just what is really going on. It's a location that never fails to produce impressive and hair-raising results every time we've investigated there.

They go on to name a number of other deadly destinations, including a full trio in Cape May. You can check out NJ.com's full list of "Haunted Jersey Shore" stops by clicking here.

And, of course you can check out much more from Ocean County Paranormal by clicking here!


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