The inner workings of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in Lacey Township, for most of us, will always be an abstraction. However, once each year, the technicians, engineers, inspectors, and operators meet with neighbors and interested passers-by for some atomic-style inside-baseball chat. That opportunity returns June 5 in Forked River.

Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station (Exelon)
Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station (Exelon)

Community Information Night, in the Oyster Creek Education Center near Route 9, features interactive displays and informal discussions with employees, shedding light on the training and expertise that's needed to generate nuclear energy.

From 4:30 to 7 PM, Exelon employees and representatives discuss plant operations, emergency preparedness, used fuel storage, safety, security, environmental stewardship and community outreach.

Leading up to the event is the student-oriented Oyster Creek Energy Education Day, 9 AM until 2 PM. More than 400 elementary, middle- and high-schoolers view presentations and take part in activities while learing about science and technology career opportunities.

In prepared comments, site Vice President Tim Moore said, "The men and women who work at Oyster Creek are dedicated professionals with a commitment to safe, reliable operations and a great deal of pride in what they do. These community events open our doors so that our neighbors can have a greater understanding of the day to day operations at our station."

"And with the growing demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, Energy Education Day gives students a practical and interactive experience that may spark their future career interests as scientists, engineers and technicians," Moore said.

The Education Center is on Intake View Lane, just north of the generating station's main entrance in Forked River.

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