#NotEvenOnce derived from recovering addicts who say that if they could do it all over again, they would choose not to do drugs...even once.

That program which started in Ocean County over in Manchester Township back in 2016 was continued in Berkeley Township this January with part one of their program.

Part two of what's now being called The Opiate Crisis Program, is for the parents of the students, and it takes place next Tuesday the 24th at Central Regional High School at 6:00 pm in the Media Center.

All are invited to attend the Opiate Crisis Presentation which will cover the topics of 'Hidden in Plain sight' and 'Signs and Symptoms of opiate abuse'.

“There will actually be a room showing the parents where the hidden places for the drugs are, and where they should look," Mayor Carmen Amato said.

"As we all know, Ocean County and the entire State of New Jersey is in the grips of a terrible Opiate epidemic," Berkeley Township Police Chief Karin DiMichele said. "This addiction crisis touches every age and socio-economic group. Our youth are perhaps the most vulnerable. We, at the Berkeley Township Police Department feel that education is one way to combat this issue. Recognizing the signs of abuse in our children is key to saving lives."

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