The history of movies and TV has been filled with some unforgettable onscreen kisses. Most of the time, these are carefully planned out beforehand. After all, how else could everything go so smoothly? Real-life kisses are often messy and awkward, but in the movies, they’re perfect. The wind is gently blowing, and not a single hair is out of place. But there are some cases in which a kiss isn’t planned between two characters, and yet it spontaneously occurs during production. Sometimes, it’s the director’s idea for his or her co-stars to pucker up during a scene. Other times, the actors themselves are the ones who pitch the passionate display of affection to their director.

Of course, it helps when the actors already have an established rapport and are comfortable with one another before they lock lips. After all, no one wants an unwarranted kiss planted on them out of nowhere. More often than not, the unscripted kiss is discussed on the day of filming by the actors and director. It can come from a place of character motivation, or as a way to better establish a relationship between two characters on screen. The end results range from romantic to thrilling to downright hilarious. All of the kisses below weren’t in the original plans for these movies and TV shows, but once they happened, they instantly made it into the final cut.

Here are 10 amazing on-screen kisses from film and television that weren’t written in the original script.

Onscreen Kisses That Were Not Originally In The Script

These famous movie and television kisses happened spontaneously on set.

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