It's no secret that the Jersey Shore is home to some of the best pizza, but now it's even more official!

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My friend Matt Ryan on our sister station, 94.3 the Point discovered that Vic's in Bradley Beach was named one of the "greatest old school pizzerias" in America by the Daily Meal.

You may be wondering what makes a pizza considered "old school?" Don't worry, the Daily Meal explains it below:

In order to be considered a great old-school pizzeria, however, the pizza itself needs to be just one part of the overall experience. A classic old-school pizzeria (like any great hole-in-the-wall) has a comfortable, lived-in feel, whether it’s been around for decades or not. Maybe it’s a narrow storefront with a long counter, fresh pies on display in clear cases, and only a few tables (or even just a ledge) to enjoy your slice at. Maybe it’s a classic bar serving legendary pies alongside cheap pints. Maybe it’s just a simple, no-frills dining room with some framed photos lining the walls. Time seems to stand still at these joints, and that’s a wonderful thing.

I feel this deeply - sometimes a restaurant's ambience can make all the difference (I'm noticing this especially now that I haven't eaten at a restaurant in months).

There were 56 pizzerias in America that made the list - 11 of them are located in New Jersey! Many of the pizzerias on the list are just a short trip away in New York. There were also shops listed in Chicago, Michigan, and LA!

The Daily Meal said that Vic's is "warm and inviting" and called both the restaurant and thin-crust pizzas timeless. YUM!

Will you be taking a trip to Vic's or any of the other old school pizzerias listed?

Diana Tyler
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