I thought this was a really good assignment for one of Abby's classes, which I thought I'd share with you.

Her assignment was to write a break-up letter to Covid. It's pretty good, I thought I'd share her letter with you:

Dear Covid-19,

I hate you. It is time we finally say goodbye. I know that we will keep seeing each other. I don't want you to hurt my family or friends anymore, I just want you to go. This is my goodbye to you.

When we first heard of you, we didn't think it was a big deal. I remember the big sleepovers I had thinking "Yay, we have two weeks off from school." We didn't know we would miss the last few months of our freshman year. I remember the days of no masks, going anywhere around people, hugging strangers, and the sneezes that were everywhere and never had to worry about them. I remember before you when we got to go on airplanes or amusement parks and didn't have to wear masks. Or, how about school, no masks. I remember these days, these days we take for granted, those days were wonderful. I never expected to ever be wearing masks.

My freshman year of high school started off as a hybrid of only two-three days of school, then I went all virtual. I missed seeing my friends every day. I missed having sleepovers because of you, we could not have any. Volleyball changed to a spring sport, we didn't go against all of the teams. We had practice and games in about four weeks all with masks on while playing. You have taken so much from me, my friends, family, and it's time for us to go our separate ways. 

At this moment I am saying goodbye to you because I received the vaccine. The vaccine will hopefully protect me and my family from you. You might never go away, but there's not enough room fo you to be in my life.

Farewell forever,


Awesome job, we all feel this way. And it gives me a chance to once again thank all the health care professionals for their countless hours helping people live. "Thank YOU."

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