As of the moment that I'm writing this, Summer 2019 is only hours old but forecasters are already making predictions about what we can expect from the middle of the season this year.

The Weather Company is saying that by July, while the middle of the country will enjoy relative comfort, the coasts will be looking at "near or slightly above average" temperatures.

They go on to say that those temperatures will transition by August to a solidly "above average" temperature forecast stretching as far west as the middle of Pennsylvania.

They predict that the same above average temperature trend will continue to push west by September, as it starts to encompass much of Ohio, too.

I spoke to WOBM's meteorologist Dan Zarrow, and he did warn that "seasonal forecasting like this can be tricky", pointing out that meteorologists in general, "...have enough trouble getting the forecast spot on for the next three days, nevermind the next three months!", so we do need to take things with a little bit of a grain of salt when looking at a forecast that's literally months in advance.

That being said, you can read much more about The Weather Company's July-August-September 2019 forecast by clicking here.

And of course stay with us for the latest Ocean County weather on the air, online, and on the free WOBM app!


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