I was thinking about some memorable Olympic moments.  Somehow my brain recalls watching Peggy Fleming in the 1968 games.  I was two years old!  It's no wonder skating is my favorite part of the Winter Olympics.  Do you remember Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner from 1980?  Their Olympic dreams were dashed when Gardner's injury made them withdraw. I remember feeling so sad for them.

America had a lot to be proud of when the hockey team beat the Soviet Union in 1980.  Do you remember the "Miracle on Ice?"

I was awe-struck watching gymnast Nadia Comaneci receive all those Perfect 10 scores in 1976.  Did those Olympics make YOU want to become a gymnast too?  I used masking tape to mark lines 4 inches apart on my basement floor so I could walk and jump on my makeshift balance beam!  I asked about taking lessons but apparently I'm too tall to do well in that sport.

Did you sign up for skating classes or gymnastics lessons in Ocean County when you were a kid?  Was it because you were inspired by the Olympic athletes?

What's one of the Olympic moments you remember most clearly?

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