Ever think of a food item that was discontinued, and wish you'd see it back in stores?

Yesterday, during the Ocean County Cafe, I asked you what throwback food, snack, or drink you'd like to see in stores again, and there were a ton of great answers!

Dunkaroos were a popular answer - and I completely agree. The best part was eating the frosting on its own after you ran out of cookies. Here are some other mentions:

  • Fudgetown Cookies
  • Buitoni's Instant Pizza
  • Planters Cheez Balls
  • Jell-o Pudding Pops
  • Kellogg's Danish Go-Rounds
  • Pepsi Twist
  • Betty Crocker Mug-O-Lunch

And more! Take a look at the full list above. Is there something you miss that didn't make the list?


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