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Happy Birthday Monopoly!  One of the greatest was born today 80 years ago today.

I find playing board games such great family time.  Growing up we didn't have quite as many as the kids have today.  But some of the oldies are still here.  Candy Land was a great one.  Chutes and Ladders was another great one.

Still to this day there is nothing better then playing Candy Land with my daughter. 


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Some of our favorites:


Apples to Apples

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Every month a group of friends of mine get together for game night.  It's such a fun time.  7 of us get together and just play board games.  It's a way of finding out different things about your friends and just laughing.  Always a great time!

What's your favorite board game?  Maybe you have a great one we don't know about.