Ah, French Fries - a delicious side dish (or let's be real, sometimes it's a meal).

During the Ocean County Café, I like to ask some difficult food-related questions. There are so many different ways to eat French Fries, and even more dipping sauces to choose from - so I wanted to know what you dip your fries in: ketchup, ranch, honey mustard, or do you eat your fries plain?

Here is what Ocean County had to say. Classic ketchup was the winner with 6 votes. Honey Mustard came in second with 5. Plain fries or extra salt had 4 votes. Ranch finished in last place with 3 votes. We got some other honorable mentions, which include: mayo, sour cream, BBQ sauce, milkshakes (yum), buffalo sauce, and chocolate pudding.

How do you like to eat your fries (now I want some!)?

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