Valentine's Day is almost here and we know you love your dogs. Send us your favorite picture of your four-legged best friend.

Photo courtesy of 92.7 WOBM listener, Georgeanne
Photo courtesy of 92.7 WOBM listener, Georgeanne

We wanna see Ocean Counties most adorable dogs. Share some "Puppy Love".

2020 was a horrible year with the pandemic. It was a great year for dog adoptions. Adoptions of pets jumped more than 50%. Every year we ask for your "Puppy Love" pictures to show off your fur-baby. We know you love showing off your pets and why not?

Dogs bring happiness, companionship, and most of all love. They never talk back to you. I have three dogs - Taffy, Ace, and Henry. I wouldn't trade them for the world. There is nothing better than walking in the house after a long day and they run up to me like no one else exists. I don't believe I could ever live without a dog by my side.

If you'd like to adopt a best friend, click here to check out the dogs available for adoption from the Popcorn Park Zoo. We have several, very good shelters here in Ocean County.

Here are some fun dog facts from the American Kennel Club:

*A dog's nose print is unique just like a human's fingerprint.

*Almost 50% of all US dogs sleep in their human's bed.

*70% of most dog owners sign their dogs names on Christmas cards.

*Yawning is contagious even for dogs. When you yawn, your dog will yawn, also.

*Human blood pressure goes down when you pet your dog. But, did you know your dogs blood pressure goes down, too.

Send us your "Puppy Love" pictures. Let's see those adorable Ocean County dogs. Just send us the photo in the comment section.

Sue Moll
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