The Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group formed after Super storm Sandy almost three years ago, is able and willing to help again in the event disaster strikes this Hurricane season. 

Bridget Holmes, assistant Executive Director OCLTRG, photo by Tom Mongelli, TSM News
Bridget Holmes, assistant Executive Director OCLTRG, photo by Tom Mongelli, TSM News

During an appearance on Wednesday's "Townsquare Tonight" program on WOBM News Talk 1160 and 1310 AM, Bridget Holmes, OCLTRG assistant Executive Director, said the Toms River-based non-profit organization and its partners have touched over 2,000 Sandy-impacted households.

"The spectrum of our services can stick with a household for over a year, or we can have a momentary touch with an individual," said Holmes.

The OCLTRG works with 80 partners, including many faith-based organizations, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and builders, according to Holmes.

"It's going to take the commercial community, it's going to take the non-profit community, it's going to take the governmental agencies to make this work, and so we work kind of in tandem with all of those," Holmes said.

Holmes expressed confidence in the OCLTRG's ability to better meet the needs of victims in the event of a future hurricane, due to experience from Sandy.

"We feel we have a better handle, both in terms of the knowledge that we've gained, and in terms of the relationships that we've put in place, and the kind of functional needs that we think we'll be able to meet," said Holmes. She added, "Our greatest hope is to be able to connect people to the resources that already exist in their own communities. We want to make sure that we keep open lines of communication so the resources get to the individuals who need them."

Each Wednesday during October, "Townsquare Tonight" will be devoted to Sandy recovery efforts, leading up to the storm's three-year anniversary.




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