If there's one thing Ocean County knows, it's Italian food.

With all of the Italian heritage in Ocean County, every entree must be excellent every time. We have high standards, and rightfully so.

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There are the classics like eggplant parm and chicken cacciatore.

Seafood served Italian style can't be beaten.

Don't forget about the antipasti and appetizers.

What are the most popular Italian dishes?

We turned to Gerbasi Ristorante in The Bronx. This eatery is about as authentic as it gets.

According to their experience, the top ten looks a little something like this.

1. Lasagna Bolognese

2. Veal Milanese

3. Gnocchi Sorrento

4. Spaghetti Carbonara

5. Antipasto Italiano

6. Cavatelli

7. Fettuccini Alfredo

8. Pork Braciola

9. Pizza Margherita

10. Ravioli

Check out these fun Italian food facts from Mama Loves Italy:

  • Pizza is not from Italy
  • You don’t find pineapple on pizza in Italy
  • You do however have Pizza with Nutella
  • Round pizza is for evening meals only
  • There are over 300 shapes of pasta in Italy
  • Italy produces over 3tons of pasta each year
  • In Italy, the most popular type of long pasta
  • There are rules about pairing pasta shapes and sauces
  • You never ever add cream to carbonara
  • Different regions have different pasta specialties
  • On New Year's Eve, you simply must eat lentils
  • Pandoro and Panettone are for Christmas only
  • Tomatoes are not originally from Italy
  • You find no garlic bread in Italy
  • If you order coffee in Italy you get an espresso

Many serve Italian, but who does it best? Is your go-to missing from the list? Let me know. Matt@943thepoint.com

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