Sally Kalksma of Pine Beach and her 21-year-old daughter Dana will compete against one another in the Empire State Building Run-Up Wednesday night, Feb. 5, to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Sally and Dana Kalksma/photo courtesy of Sally Kalksma

The friendly wager has helped the women raise more than $11,000 so far for MMRF. Sally was diagnosed with the incurable blood cancer and her daughter has undergone surgery to remove cancerous tumors from her spine and leg. "I asked her if she'd like to actually put a little twist on it that we'd compete and we'd ask people when they donate who do they think is going to beat the other person, Dana or myself."

This is Sally's third time participating and Dana's first running up 86 flights of stairs. Although she has the experience, Sally admits the odds are in her daughter's favor, "She is 30 pounds lighter and 30 years younger than me." Dana however, calls her mother "Superwoman" and thinks her mother could beat her.

Regardless of who makes it to the top of the Empire State Building first, the duo is a winning combination for raising awareness and funding for MMRF.