I wrote a few weeks ago about the rise of summer camps for adults.  But now I'm going back to basics, wondering if you'll be sending your kids to a sleep-away camp.  It seems like it could be a win-win.  Children keep their minds and bodies active, and parents get a break from being on-duty 24-7.

The counselors who are on duty are charged with keeping kids active, engaged, and safe.  Friends who I've known who spent their summers away generally loved the experience.  I'll admit I was a bit envious hearing their stories and seeing photos of all the fun and friendships they formed.  Now, as I'm older, I'm looking at this from a parent's perspective and can see the benefits.  Time away makes the heart grow fonder so I imagine teens who are usually distant come back home a little nicer.  It would seem like the usual frustrations between generations could melt away during time apart.

Moms and Dads can reconnect.  They can do adult things without having to worry about kids tagging along and being bored.

Did you attend sleepaway camp when you were young?  What about day camp?  Did you send your own children to camp?

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