I could just tell by some of the bumper stickers when you pull into Ocean County College that more students that attend the school seem to support Donald Trump. You have probably guessed by now that I am a student that attends OCC, so I hear first-hand of what students are talking about in this election season.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Miami
U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton shake hands before a debate on March 9, 2016. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Before Bernie Sanders conceded his nomination to Hillary Clinton, the talk of the campus was all about him - I know, who knew an old guy that wanted to legalize pot and make college affordable would be so popular with college students? Additionally, it seems like Donald Trump's opening of arms to Sanders's supporters after his concession has worked on OCC students. This is surprising because Donald Trump has been silent on issues, for the most part, affecting college students, like college affordability.

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The main reason why I am writing this blog is because today in my history class, my professor asked us what candidate we were most likely going to be voting for. The results stunned me, In a class with a little less than 30 students, more than 80% of the class claimed that they were voting for Trump, while 5% were voting for third parties and the rest voting for Clinton. Arguments against Clinton consisted of her emails being on a private server, attributing her to be "sneaky" most of the students said. So, this obviously thinking, I asked around to students I didn't know, to my own friends and to even professors and luckily for Hillary Clinton the election isn't held with just Ocean County College students because she wouldn't win by a long shot.

First day of class at Ocean County College in Toms River
First day of class at Ocean County College in Toms River (Facebook)

Ocean County College Student, and friend, Joe Raccuia told me that the reason why he is supporting Donald Trump is because "Hillary may have more experience than Trump, but it's time for a nonpolitician to be in office." This is just some of what Ocean County College Students are saying.

The more interesting part is when you look at state polls taken at colleges in New Jersey. For instance, Stockton polls put Clinton ahead of Trump by ten points, while Rutgers University puts Clinton ahead of Trump by twenty-one points, one of the highest margin in the state.

While it can't be determined for certain that the overwhelming majority of ALL of the Ocean County College Students support Donald Trump, just because there are too many students coming in at different times of the day - it certainly seems, especially from my point of view that Donald Trump is the leading candidate among Ocean County College Students.

So what's the deal? If you're a college student who do you support? If not, what do you think about my analysis?



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