Democrats in Ocean and Burlington Counties know they face an up hill battle as they try to get another Democrat to fill the 3rd District Congressional seat being vacated by Representative Jon Runyan. Listen to the entire program

(L-R) Former Lakewood Mayor Marta Harrison and Ex-Congressional Candidate Jack Fanous, Executive Director, GI Go Fund. (Tom Mongelli, Townsquare Media NJ)

On WOBM-AM's Townsquare Tonight, Democratic party leaders showed a united front in supporting 3rd District Congressional Democratic Candidate Aimee Belgard.

In what is known as a district that heavily leans toward the GOP, Burlington County Democratic Leader Jack Fanous believes some Republicans will be willing to cross party lines if they know the candidate heading to Washington will truly represent them.

"When you really speak military, when you really speak veteran, when you really speak hunter and you really speak to the people in this district and you let them know that you will represent them, that's how you get them from the other side to vote for you," said Fanous.

Ocean County Democratic Party Leader Marta Harrison concurs but she doesn't believe Aimee Belgard will win swing voters from the hardcore conservatives in the Tea Party as Fanous does.

"We're gonna win by talking to the middle, the people who don't want to think in terms of ideology," said Harrison. "They want to think about what's best for their family, what's best for the community and what's best for the country and they're not sure right now whether it's a Republican or Democrats have the better answers. We have to show them that we have the better answers and then we'll earn their votes."

Both leaders make a case for selecting a Washington representative who has put in years of service in the region and criticize the GOP's selection of candidates from other parts of the state and country because of the size of their war chest.

Fanous credits Aimee Belgard's years of service as a Burlington County Freeholder and her familiarity the 3rd District region and issues as reasons to vote for her.

Harrison adds that Belgard's background as an attorney with a concentration in environmental law is an important asset to our coastal region and believes she will be a key ally to incumbent Democratic Congressman Frank Pallone in sending a strong environmental delegation to capitol hill.