Breaking up is hard to do but Ocean County Court Staffers are hoping to make the process a little easier by hosting another free divorce workshop this year. It's actually one of many workshops they've held addressing common court proceedings.

"The purpose of the seminar in general is just to try and demystify the process and create a better understanding of the procedures involved", said Court Ombudsman Anne Marie Fleury.

Fleury said their free upcoming Divorce Clinic is aimed at walking you through the entire process.

"From the preparation and filing of the divorce complaint through serving the divorce complaint, as well as what would happen if the case proceeds to a default judgement where the other party doesn't file an answer," Fleury said.

Attorneys from Ocean/Monmouth County Legal Services will be on hand explaining the process to participants, giving them issues to consider, especially if there are children involved. There will also be court staffers on hand to answer any specific court procedural questions.

"The point of the program is really to just inform people about the process so that they feel more comfortable if in fact they are going to go through with a divorce, they know exactly what to expect," Fleury explained.

The clinic takes place this Friday, November 21 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Jury Assembly Area of the Ocean County Courthouse, 100 Hooper Avenue, in Toms River. but seating is limited so you have to reserve a spot through their email address at or call the Legal Research And Information Center at 732 929 2063